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Gadget Fisher by RufusDarkstar Gadget Fisher by RufusDarkstar
So, I draw this picture, right? Its a simple thing, I never really wanted anything too fantastic out of it. I scan it, thinking I'd do detailed pencil work on it, it seemed to look like a good picture for that. I went ahead and CGed it a little, just light color here and there, thinking I'd toss it up here... Then I put some more work into it... and more work... and then I decided to try a shading technique I hadn't done before... solid shading, deep shading with a dark background... y'know, like Syphon Filter. The lights are ON or they're OFF. its BLACK or WHITE, simple as that. Well, I do that, toss a quick background on it consisting of a couple of tributes to Blue Screens of Death, and show it to a friend over AIM. Now, the Codeman has never been a normal guy... but when I sent it to him, he said it reminded him of inspector gadget. Yeah, so me, being the old Disney fan I am, thought he was thinking of Gadget from Rescue Rangers... since they both share at least the same gender. So I get this image in my head of Gadget from Rescue Rangers. I tell Cody how much I hate him, then procede to add the trademark ears and goggles to my masterpiece.

I need a life so badly. -.-

Edit: [link] (Fanfic for it!)
ReiDavidson Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
XD I know a scary amount of boys whose first crush was Gadget. XD

This is nifty though, nice work.
RufusDarkstar Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004
Hey, Rei, you know your way around DeviantArt... I got a freakin' FANFICTION of this pic... where should I post it? comments? description? link it offsite? Its just too cool not to show everyone.

And, by any chance, do you have any idea why the works that I put like 30 minutes of effort into always seem to get a better response than the week-and-a-half ones?
ReiDavidson Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
There's a place for fanfic right here of DA, just submit it under prose --> fiction --> fan-fiction

And as for responses to pictures....

DA's a harsh mistress. Love her or hate her but never ever get your hopes up for her, for she can always let you down. XD
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September 13, 2004
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